3 Ways to Steal Customers from Your Competitors

How to-steal-customers-from-your-competitors

One of my favourite marketing tactics, especially for early-stage companies with limited budget, is the competitor takeout campaign.

Here are 3 ways to steal your competitors’ customers:

1. Using Google's Keyword Planner

1. Go to Google Ads

2. Click Keyword Planner > Discover New Keywords

2. Click ‘Start with Website’

3. Enter your competitor’s website

4. Google will give you a list of all your competitor’s keywords

5. Run ads and create content against these keywords

2. Creating a Custom Segment

1. Go to Google Ads > Audience Manager

2. Click Custom Segment > Create New Segment

3. Click ‘People who searched for any of these terms on Google’; or

4. Click ‘People who browse websites similar to’

5. Type in your competitor’s name or URL

6. Create ads targeted to this audience

3. Competitor Search Campaign

1. Use your competitor’s brand name as a phrase keyword

2. Create custom ads and landing page that highlight the advantages of your offering vs your competitor

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