CPG Package Design

There are two ways all consumers shop, whether content on Netflix or YouTube, online shopping, or grocery stores:

  • Browse & discover
  • Search & find

They either know what they are looking for, or they are browsing. Package design is just one one factor among a multitude in a consumer decision. The familiarity of the brand, ingredients, claims, visual impact on the shelf as well as shelf placement, price (TPR), quantity / value, texture flavour options…

If I’m looking for Doritos, it’ll be a very different shopping experience than if I’m looking for a crunchy snack.

Most customers scan broadly, narrow their focus, and then select.

Great package design can help you at each of those consumer stages. Our expertise in creating clean, modern, and professional designs elevate your brand to captivate consumers at first glance and win them over.

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Brand Consistency

Your package is an extension of your brand identity. We meticulously ensure that our designs align seamlessly with your brand, conveying a consistent and professional image across all your products.

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For over 50 years, W.T. Hawkins Ltd. is still running strong with this iconic packaging that communicates wholesomeness, trust, and familiarity.

Brand Recall and Familiarity

We understand the importance of making an instant connection with your target audience, and our packages serve as your brand’s silent ambassador.

But, our designs go beyond just a stunning first impression. With each package design, our goal is to transcend the visual and create a long-lasting association with your brand that customers immediately recognize from 20 feet away and gravitate to, ignoring all substitutes.

That’s why some brands don’t update their packaging for 50+ years. They are iconic and part of the brand’s identity.


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Cetaphil package redesign
Celsius package redesign
Native package redesign
Bodyarmor package design
Lemon-La Croix-rebrand
Oatly oat milk packaging brand redesign
Coca-Cola mockup design