We Work With Startups

We are entrepreneurs too, so we have a soft spot in our hearts for fellow entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in this world.

We get it. We understand budgets are tight, products are not fully mature, your team is wearing multiple hats, and your competitors already have significant market share. But we’re here to compete and we want to stack the odds in your favour by bringing senior marketing leadership to your team.

We are a boutique marketing agency who are passionate about working with startups across all sectors. We are not like other agencies who only focus on short-term ROAS and don’t think about the long term. We want to build something that lasts. We believe if you don’t plant seeds, there will be nothing to harvest. We play the long game.

We’re looking to work with only a handful of startups for the long term. We want to be invested in your success and to do this the right way, you need a partner, not another agency. A partner who is deeply passionate about your brand, one who understands your business, your customers, and your industry.

So if you want to partner with us, then let’s connect. We’d love to learn more about what you’re working on along with your plans to disrupt your industry and change the world.

Never Ask a Barber if You Need a Haircut

Marketers who specialize in one thing will always try to convince you that you need the thing they are selling. It’s like asking a barber if you need a haircut. The answer is always, yes.

👉 An SEO specialist will tell you that you need SEO

👉 A website specialist will tell you that you need a new website

👉 An ad specialist will tell you that you need to run ads

We don’t have any packages, everything is bespoke because every company is different and every situation is unique.

We don’t try to sell you on any particular services, we only care about what works.

For some, that’s SEO and content marketing, for others, it’s events and partnerships, and others it’s paid ads and conversion rate optimization.

What We Do Instead

Instead of doing a million half-baked activities, we run meaningful experiments and then perform regular KSS reviews:

👉 What do we want to keep doing?

👉 What do we want to stop doing?

👉 What do we want to start doing?

Startups are messy. There is usually not a clear path to victory. It requires a lot of patience, experimentation, high-quality strategy and execution, and time.

That’s the formula for success.