When you hear Rolex, you likely think luxury.

When you think of window cleaner, Windex likely comes to mind first.

When you think of Tesla or Apple, you may think of innovation.

Adding a Nike Swoosh to a shoe suddenly makes it “cool”.

All of these are examples of how brands have permeated into the minds of the consumer.

Branding is more than your logo, or the colours and fonts on your website or packaging. It’s about your reputation — how consumers perceive you. Brands largely control this perception through their products, associations, messaging, advertising, social platforms, and of course through their logo, colours, fonts, website, etc.

Every aspect of your brand needs to be carefully thought out and adhered to so that it’s consistent and conveys the message you want associated with your company.

When auditing an existing brand, or designing a brand from scratch, there are some important steps to consider, such as:

  • Look at brands in your category, and outside of your category, to determine what you like about them, and why you like them.
  • Determine what you want your brand to stand for. Simon Sinek calls this your “why” – why does your exist? What is your mission? 
  • What is your personality or voice – how do you want your brand to be conveyed?
  • Start to pull together inspiration on a mood board and start to make decisions about colours, logo style, tone, fonts, imagery, messaging, etc.
  • If you have existing customers, ask them why they choose to go with you. Customer insights can be incredibly enlightening, often revealing things about your brand you may not have been aware of.

Logo designs

When it comes to logo design, the real talent is in coming up with simple, yet memorable designs. Think of logos from Nike, Apple, Amazon, Target, Twitter, Adidas… none of these complex or difficult from a design perspective, but they work.

So when designing logos for brands, we think very deeply about trying to come up with the next iconic logo that people remember and reference for the next 100 years. No easy task, but we’re up for the challenge!

Infostrux Solutions: A Case Study

Existing brand

Infostrux’s branding used simple cartoon characters, lots of purple, bold typeface, and didn’t showcase their people and expertise.

As a new company, they were looking to convey more maturity and market-leadership when compared to other brands.

Brand refresh

Taking inspiration from high-end luxury brands, we brought in darker tones, replaced the cartoons with actual images, and used a sleeker and more modern font.

For the logo, we adhered to their existing mark, but updated it to match the rest of the modern and sleek typeface found on the site. By capitalizing the word mark, our aim was to convey more maturity and authority.

Comparing the old with the new

Whether you need a site refresh, a logo redesign, some brand consistency, product packaging… we can help.

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