Social Media Strategy

Remembering the good ol’ days of social media

There was a time when brands would share a piece of content on social (e.g. a single lifestyle image on Instagram, a blog post on Facebook, a case study on LinkedIn) and the majority of their followers would see it. 

They would include relevant hashtags to expand the reach and hundreds, or thousands, of people see it, like, comment, share. The post would gain a life of it’s own and in some cases go viral, driving referral traffic to the site.

Social Media Strategy Ewanity Marketing
Social Media Strategy Ewanity Marketing

Those days are long gone

The social game has changed.

After the big algorithm change in 2018, organic reach on Facebook and Instagram died. 

Now, most of your followers will not see your post. Relevant hashtags have become saturated. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult for brands to stand out, and even more rare that they will go viral. 

It’s clear the old way no longer works. We need to deploy new strategies.

The new age of social media is video

Most social platforms are social based.

Tiktok is not. Tiktok is interest based.

Think about your friends on Facebook and your connections on LinkedIn, both are predicated on people you know. But the people you know may not have the same interests as you. Therefore, their content may not be relevant or engaging to you.

Tiktok de-emphasizes your following and instead learns about your interests and serves you content you are likely to enjoy. This can evolve over time. Today you may be into sneakers and travel, tomorrow you may be into real estate and conspiracy theories.
This is why they have two feeds:

  • Your following (accounts you follow)
  • For You (accounts that match you interests)

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