4 Categories of Display Ads for Each Stage of the Buyer's Journey

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When running display ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc., I like to start with a small budget (e.g. $20 per day) and test low-friction offers such as Learn More, Read Now, Free Download, etc.

This is merely to test the creative & messaging / audience targeting. Essentially, am I targeting the right people with the right message? If so, I can run my experiments, add / pause campaigns, increase / decrease budget, continue to test, etc.

As your audience goes deeper into your funnel, you can retarget them using higher-friction offers such as Book a Demo, Free Trial, Buy Now etc.

Thought Leadership

First I like to start with thought leadership content that is meant to be an authority on a subject. This gives your brand credibility in the industry. This is mainly educational content, typically a slide, downloadable asset, or promoted blog.

Product Marketing Pain Points

Next, I run product marketing content to highlight the problem or pain point the audience is facing and then present the solution how can help overcome this problem.

Social Proof

I then run social proof content highlighting some testimonial case study or third-party reviews.

Strong CTAs

Finally, I run strong CTA content (Book a Demo, Free Trial, Buy Now etc.) – This is usually a single image ad served to a high-intent audience to take the next step in the buying journey.

Often with these display ads, I treat them like a billboard.

The mere presence of the ad over time, across multiple platforms, with consistent branding, logo, language, imagery, etc. can be enough to indirectly influence.

So they can still serve an important function without getting high click-through.

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