5 Lessons We Can Learn From The Viral Fruit Roll Up Trend

5 Lessons We Can Learn From The Viral Fruit Roll Up Trend

For those not on TikTok, Fruit Roll Ups is going completely viral as people have figured out you can put ice cream inside, freeze them, and have your mind blown with deliciousness.


Apparently Fruit Roll Up has no idea that this trend is even happening.

Someone commented on their latest Instagram post and their response implies they are not even aware they are blowing up on another platform.

What lessons can we, as marketers and business owners, learn from this?

1. Analyze

If you have a sudden spike in sales, figure out why as soon as you can. If you’re blowing up on Tik Tok, and not on Tik Tok, get on Tik Tok! I assume they are sitting around an office somewhere, high-fiving over their Instagram post.

2. Contribute

Get in on the conversation to add more fuel to the trend – use hashtags, repost, comment, like, share, etc. But also, have your posts reflect more of what people want. The tribe has spoken, lean into it!

3. Make the Most of It

Capitalize on the opportunity with a new product, new flavour, new challenge, new packaging, new collab… Come on Fruit Roll Up, you’ve been given a soft ball right down the middle!

4. Re-evaluate Your Content

Understand what makes sharable content. No offense Fruit Roll Up, but your posts are lame. Instead of posting some lame stock image or graphic, think – ‘What could we post that people would actually engage with?’

5. Search Your Brand

If you type in Fruit Roll Up in Google, but don’t press enter, you will see that a large majority of the auto-correct is about this trend. Lesson here is, Google your own brand and see what people are saying about it. There may be some insight there.

5 Lessons We Can Learn From The Viral Fruit Roll Up Trend

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