95% of Your Audience is Not In-Market

How to Steal Your Customers Foot Traffic​

The reason why your marketing efforts are failing is because you’re mostly talking to people who will never buy from you.

According to a recent study 95% of your audience aren’t in market.

That means, you and all your competitors are competing for a very small percentage of buyers at any given time.

One way to attract buyers is to constantly put out content, post on social, run advertising campaigns… essentially, you want to be in front of them at all times, or become easily discoverable.

That way, when they enter an in-market state, they think of you first, or are able to find you.

This is very time consuming, very costly, and the ROI is usually not that great.

But, what if instead, you just spoke to the people who are in-market and already trust you? For this, you would need to know their intent, and have a warm introduction.

So, we can look at buyers in our ICP in four ways:

✅ Have purchase intent + a warm introduction

❌ Have no purchase intent + a warm introduction

❌ Have a purchase intent + a cold outreach (this sometimes works, but rarely)

❌ Have no purchase intent + a cold outreach

So the million dollar questions are:

  • How do I know who has purchase intent?
  • How do I get a meeting with those people?

The answer to both will take too long to put in this post. DM and I’ll tell you 😉

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