Algorithms are REALLY Good at Finding People, so Use Them!

Algorithms are REALLY Good at Finding People, so Use Them!

Algorithms (specifically TikTok) are REALLY good at finding people.

So why not use them when you’re trying to reach your hard-to-reach target audience?

A colleague asked me how would I go about finding web3/crypto developers.

Here was my response (not the only way, just one suggestion):

Perhaps try creating TikTok content. Say something like, “I need your help finding web3/crypto developers and I’ve exhausted all options. If you are a web3/crypto developer, or know someone who is, please share this with them and help me get in touch. We’re building open source tools for this audience and we’re a very small team. It is proving extremely difficult to connect with these individuals. I know you are out there so please hit us up. Please like, comment, share and help the algorithm work it’s magic. Thanks in advance!”

If the speaker in the video is super charming and earnest, the internet will do its thing and amplify the message. The TikTok algo is great at finding people, so your audience has a high likelihood of seeing it. You can also get your co-workers and friends to like, comment, and share the video.”

Then you can make a series of videos so people can follow along your journey.

“Hey guys, it’s day 2 and I just wanted to provide an update on trying to find web3/crypto developers. First of all, I want to thank everyone for their support and trying to help me. I have had a few people DM me, so thank you. We’re still searching so I hope this message will find its way into the feeds of the right people who can help us. Like I said in the first video, we are a small team and we’re working on something pretty special. <then talk about the thing, or show a little>. Honestly, I can’t show you too much more because it is still in development…

Another video:

“Update, day 3 of trying to find web3/crypto developers…”

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