Are You Making This Mistake with Your Paid Ads Strategy?

Are You Making This Mistake with Your Paid Ads Strategy?​

One big failure I often see companies make is when the ad specialist doesn’t have an eye for design, and the designer doesn’t understand (or have visibility) into which kinds of ads work.

Here’s what tends to happen…

👉 The ad specialist sends a ticket to the designer for “ads”. The ticket may include details such as the size, copy, and CTA.

👉 The designer receives the ticket, shuffles it into their packed to-do list, and gets to work designing a graphic that fulfils the ticket request.

It’s much better when the ad specialist and designer are both really savvy with ads – studying market trends, saving ads that they like or have clicked on themselves, studying competitors ads, reviewing what has worked in the past, etc. and they can work in tandem.

Working in silos doesn’t usually produce the best results.

B2B is a little more reliant on a healthy ecosystem (for a number of – hopefully obvious – reasons).

B2C can get away with a really amazing ad / offer without the need for an ecosystem of ads and an amazing website, supporting podcast, thriving fan pages, content, social, etc.

I’m all for the 30,000 foot view of the entire marketing ecosystem rather than hyper-focusing on one in isolation.

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