Content Distribution: Why Posting on Your LinkedIn Company Page Doesn't Work

Content Distribution: Why Posting on Your LinkedIn Company Page Doesn't Work

If you’ve been posting content on your company’s LinkedIn page, especially for B2B companies, you may have noticed that your engagement is low. 

Even if you have tens of thousands of followers, you may only receive a handful of likes (mostly by employees), no comments, and maybe one repost from the marketing lead or CEO. And many of those likes are from your own employees. You’re essentially creating content for the sake of creating content. Your prospects aren’t seeing your posts.

Despite this lackluster affair, it is still standard practice for many organizations.

For many companies, a large percentage of their page followers are inflated by job seekers who do not untick the box to follow company after they apply for a job.

The reality is, people want to interact with people, not companies, especially ones who are too self-serving – only posting about what they do.

What To Do Instead

What I’ve found that works much better than this is to have people in your company post to their networks.

This, of course, is easier said than done. Typically, non-marketing employees don’t care about posting on social.

People need to be incentivized (typically with money or time off), and there needs to be a tracking system in place.

What I’ve done in the past is create a tracking spreadsheet, and whenever an employee posts about some company related thing, they get a point. After 5 points, they receive a bonus (whatever you can afford).

To make their lives even easier, I’ve ghostwritten the posts, or scheduled “marketing social” events on each of the calendars once per week. During that 1:1 time, I ask the employee (say, some software developer) to record a video on their phone in portrait mode about a predefined topic, with talking points already laid out.

Once they record the video, they upload it to Dropbox where I can download and edit it. Once that’s done, I upload the final version back into Dropbox where the employee can download it back on their phone and post it. 

I provide all the necessary copy and hashtags, making it foolproof. Do this with as many of your most influential employees as you can handle. If you want to take it a step further, you can request access to their profiles and begin building their network – adding relevant ICPs, and engaging with their content. You can even search relevant hashtags and have them get in on the conversation.

If you don’t want your company’s feed to look like a ghost town, you can always repost your employee’s content.

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