Create More Content and Fewer Ads

Create more content and fewer ads

If you’re a business, you need to be on social media, that much is obvious.

But why?

Social media is about getting awareness at scale. We can do four things:

👉Entertain (90%)

👉 Educate (5%)

👉Inspire (4%)

👉 Promote (1%)

(I just made these percentages up, but you get the point – more entertaining, less selling).

When you watch your favourite show on cable TV, there’s the content you showed up for, and then there are the ads.

Too many businesses are creating ads and calling it content.

Review your content strategy and ask yourself – are we entertaining, educating, inspiring, or promoting?

People don’t tune into their favourite shows, mute the show, and watch the ads.

Storytelling Marketing in Action

Here are some examples of brands who accel at storytelling marketing:

1. Louis Vuitton – they tell their story about a humble boy from a village in France who showed an aptitude for craftsmanship at a young age and began working as an apprentice in the box-making and packing industry.

Misconceptions about Storytelling Marketing

2. UFC – they use the Ultimate Fighter and Embedded Series to go behind the scenes showcasing the backstories and training of their fighters. The two best fighters on the planet could be fighting, but if you don’t know anything about them, you become less invested and less interested in watching. Part of the promotion of big fights is the build up, which heightens the emotions and intensity for the fans. Talent shows such as X Factor and America’s Got Talent always tell the backstory of contestants for this same reason – make you more invested.

Rose Namajunas

3. Dollar Shave Club – you all know the famous commercial. Besides it being funny, it was telling a story. Here’s a problem with traditional razors, here’s how we solve it.

Dollar Shave Club

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