Dude, Where's My ROI?

Businessman giving presentation during meeting in office

One of the biggest challenges for a lot of marketers (and CEOs) is ROI, or not seeing the immediate value in their efforts.

This is due to their timeline is too narrow.



👉 Publish a blog post

👉 Make a webpage

👉 Post on social

👉 Send out a newsletter

👉 Host a webinar

👉 Run some ads

👉 Attend an event

… and then crickets.


You want to see immediate results, and often that just isn’t the case. Often, one social post or one blog post will not move the needle in any meaningful way. It’s the accumulation of these efforts over time that will.

For most businesses, especially new brands who are relatively unknown in the marketplace and are trying to establish a presence, and B2B companies with large ticket items, there’s not really a switch that marketing can just turn on and have immediate sales.


😥 It takes time, which can be very discouraging and result in cutting campaigns, budgets, and staff.

But how does Red Bull or Louis Vuitton or Marvel or Microsoft or Apple become successful?


✅ The answer (in one simplistic word) =Time.


It takes many years and millions (or billions) of dollars.

It’s not easy, it’s not quick, and it’s not cheap.

You can look at it another way.

Ask yourself: Suppose we do nothing.


❌ We don’t create content.

❌ We don’t run ads.

❌ We don’t post on social.

❌ We don’t form strategic partnerships.

❌ We don’t attend events…


How well do you think you business is going to do?

If someone wanted to buy the thing you are selling, how would they even hear about you?

Marketing has always been about going where the attention is, having a superior product, aligning your brand values with your target consumer, and constant experimentation.

Overtime, you may have a shot at attracting and retaining customers.

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