Fake UGG Boots: What Drives Brand Loyalty?

Fake UGG Boots

So apparently, we’ve all been wearing fake UGG Since 1974.

The REAL UGG brand is from Australia and has NO affiliation with the North American UGG brand (shame on your fake UGG brand!).

The fake UGG brand even has UGG(dot)com and a page dedicated to “spotting fakes”, so they’re doing a really convincing job at fooling people.

Fake UGG Boots

Why does this enrage me so much?

If two brands are nearly identical in every way, but one stands for authenticity, integrity, trust, creativity… and the other stands for being a fraud, fakery, and ripping people off… why choose one brand over another?

David Allison would say that our purchases are reflections of our values.

Essentially, we are voting with our dollar.

Interesting to know from a consumer perspective, but this knowledge becomes infinitely more valuable from a brand perspective.

From a brand perspective, we want to know how do we communicate our values effectively to our consumers?

How do we forge connections that transcend our products and services, and establish an emotional resonance with our audience?

It starts by diving deep on valuegraphic data to discover which of the 56 core values your audience most aligns with.

Then it’s about crafting narratives, using images, creating products, using materials, forming partnerships, developing practices… that tell that story.

So when something thinks of your brand, or sees your logo, they immediately know what you represent.

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