Finding Beauty in Simplicity - An Ultramodern Approach to Design

there's-beauty-in-simplicity - design

We’ve all heard the phrase, “less is more”.

I’ve been designing a lot of websites lately and everyone asks for the same 3 things:

👉 Clean
👉 Modern
👉 Professional

While clean minimalist design has been around forever, lately I’ve been experimenting with ultra-minimalism – the idea to remove any unnecessary graphics and text, and only have elements that will make an impact on the users’ understanding and desire.

For example:

👉 What if our homepage hero was one colour (or subtle gradient), and a short statement in a delightful font?

No graphics, no animation, no product shots, no happy customer stock imagery…

👉 What if we declutter our menu so that it only consists of a logo and a hamburger menu?

👉 What if instead of throwing every feature / benefit, social proof, blog widget, etc. on the page, we keep the pages really short and just tell them one or two things?

👉 What if our landing page is just a title and a form with only one field (email)?

Of course, as with anything, it’s not about what I like, or what I think looks good, it’s about how it performs (i.e. usability, comprehension, conversion…).

So, testing is needed.

This also requires exceptional copywriting.

Simple design Barbie Billboard

👉 What if our billboard was just pink with a date?

It’s so simple, it just might be genius! 🙆‍♂️

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