High Search Volume, But Low Purchase Intent: What Should You Do?


Is there a point in creating content that has high search volume, but low purchase intent for your business?

Suppose you run a business selling ‘Wholesale Coffee Beans’.

Naturally, you want to target potential buyers of wholesale coffee beans.

So people looking for the following – while having high search volume, aren’t your ideal customer.

👉 “Starbucks near me”

👉 “How many cups of coffee can you drink in a day?”

👉 “Can I drink caffeine while pregnant?”

Conventionally, you’d want to avoid these types of queries.

However, I think about it a little differently.

If you can rank for these terms, (in other words, you produce high-quality content that addresses the searchers query), then you can increase your domain authority.

Higher domain authority means that when someone is searching for ‘Wholesale Coffee Beans’, Google already trusts you and will rank you higher in SERPs.

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