How McDonald's Changed How Their Customers Order to Increase Revenue

McDonald's Touchscreen

What if we change how our customers buy, could we not only enhance the buying experience, but also get them to spend more? 🤔

For those who follow me, you’ll know that I’m not a big fan of sales calls. I’d much rather just get the trial or buy the thing without having to talk to anyone.

McDonald’s did just that and it drastically changed how their consumers ordered food.

When they allowed customers to order themselves via the touchscreen menu:

👉 Customers no longer felt rushed, so they ordered more
👉 Customers no longer felt judgement (shame or embarrassment) so they ordered more
👉 Customers customized their orders – instead of “Do you want fries with that?” Customers began ordering all kinds of add-ons such as two burgers no fries.
👉 They accelerated the buying process – more touchscreens, more customers paying by credit card…

Perhaps we should all reevaluate our buyers’ journey and experiment with different processes.

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