How to Convert Customers into Brand Evangelists

How to Convert Customers into Brand Evangelists

How do you convert customers into brand evangelists?

That is the million dollar question.

We’ve identified three main things you want to do:

First, look at your entire customer experience funnel from:

👉 Acquisition

👉 Retention

👉 Revenue

Second, identify any friction points in the customer experience.

You can use a mixture of cohort analysis, customer feedback (inbound), focus group (outbound), rapid experimentation, and common sense.

Third, fix any issues / friction points and make necessary improvements, over time.

Essentially, you are trying to do three things:

✅ Acquire the right customers

✅ Delight them with an amazing experience

✅ Turn them into brand evangelists

If your customer loves your product, they spend more time on your platform, spend more per transaction, purchase more frequently, refer more of their friends, evangelize on social, and so on.

This lowers your customer acquisition costs and allows you to scale and remain profitable.

But for this to work, you must have alignment across all business functions.

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