How to Use the ABT Method in Sales and Marketing

How to Use the ABT Method in Sales and Marketing

Unlike the ABC sales method in Glengarry Glen Ross, marketers use the ABT method – Always Be Testing.

The ABT method is rooted in the belief that there is always room for improvement and that every aspect of the sales & marketing process should be subject to analysis and adjustment.

The ABT method typically involves the following steps:

For this example, suppose you’re running ads targeting the c-level exec.

👉 Setting clear objectives

– Achieve >3-5% CTR on the ads

– Drive 1,000 users to our landing page

– Convert at 5%, or 50 leads

– Set up retargeting that converts at 10%

– Get 55+ leads per week

👉 Testing hypotheses

What if we run another campaign targeting junior associates who:

a.) actually experience the pain point our product or service solves

b.) may be heavily influential toward our buyer

We can also test three different messages on the ads to see which, if any, resonate. Also, we can create and test three different landing pages.

👉 Measuring results

You can collect and analyze the data. One of the ads and one of the landing pages will emerge as a champion.

👉 Iterating and refining

Now, your job is to try to dethrone the champion – in other words, can you create an ad and landing page that converts better than your champion?

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