How to Use the Internal Champions Method to Persuade Decision Makers

How to Use the Internal Champions Method to Persuade Decision Makers

When you are using the internal champion method to sell your product or service, why leave it in the hands of that champion’s ability to persuade and articulate your value to the decision maker in that company?

In many cases, you have two target personas:

👉 the end-user (internal champion)

👉 the buyer (their boss)

Imagine the internal champion discovers your solution.

  • They spend time on your website going through all the pages
  • They read up about your features and benefits
  • They watch your videos
  • They read some of your blogs
  • They study that beautiful comparison chart you made
  • They subscribe to your podcast
  • They even sign up for your ebook



They’re sold. Good job! Now they have to convince their boss.

How are they going to do that? In an email, a private Slack message, a 1:1 meeting?

How much time are they going to spend condensing all the info they’ve consumed about your company into a digestible, bite size chunk?

Are they going to repeat the tagline that your team spent months to perfect, or are they going to make up something on the spot?

Are they going to convey all your value props with as much accuracy, passion, and clarity?

Are they going to recite that in-depth case study they read along with all the company logos on your site?

Will they describe all the ways your better then the alternatives?

Do they even remember all your pricing tiers?

Probably not.

So why not make it easy for them.

How, you may ask?


You should have downloaded PDFs with all the pertinent information available on your site, in the main nav, that someone can download and send to someone. In 1 or 2 pages, someone should be able to spend 30 seconds skimming it and understand exactly what you do.

This is the pain your having, these are the alternative solutions, here’s how we do it better. This is the desired outcome you will have using our solution. These are some of the companies just like yours who we’ve helped and who trust us. Here’s what it comes with, and here’s the price. Then have a CTA, which allows them to take the next step.

Decisions happen behind closed doors in private discussions. Brochures allow you to be a part of that conversation.

What about the website, doesn’t that have all the necessary information? Couldn’t someone just send a link to their boss?

They could, but websites are loaded with information (aka distractions). It takes too much time to sift through, and these people don’t have that much time.

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