If You Don't Plant Seeds, There Will Be Nothing to Harvest

If you don’t plant seeds, there will be nothing to harvest.

👉 This is true for marketing (e.g. creating content, attending events, building a community, etc.).

👉 This is true for leadership (e.g. coaching / mentoring, developing your skills, creating a plan, creating process, etc.)

👉 This is true for business (e.g. continuing education, investing in growing and developing your network, building your personal brand, etc.)

👉 This is true in your personal life (e.g. spending quality time with those you love, not sweating the small stuff, thinking big picture, working on personal development, etc.).

👉 This is true for your finances (e.g. investing, education, planning for retirement, etc.)

👉 This is true for your health (e.g. eating healthy, working out consistently, getting regular checkups, avoiding the sun, etc.)

Taking small, consistent steps today will pay off in the future.

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