It's Fine to be a Specialist, but Marketing is a Complex Ecosystem.

It's Fine to be a Specialist, but Marketing is a Complex Ecosystem.

It’s fine to be a specialist, but marketing is a complex ecosystem.

Take running ads for instance.

To truly be effective with ads, you also need to consider:

👉 Copywriting – not just for the ads themselves, but also for the landing page. Have you done the proper market / customer research, have you determined your buyer’s valuesgraphics, have you run enough experiments to ensure you have the optimal message, etc.

👉 Creative – whether you’re designing graphics or video, creative is a huge component. You need to understand who your audience is and what will motivate them.

👉 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – your website or landing page needs to be optimized for conversion. There are many specialized skills needed here such as CRO, web design, web development, conversion tracking and analytics, A/B testing, etc.

👉 Strategy – you need to understand your buyer’s journey. What are their pains, what outcomes do they hope to achieve, who are all the decision makers and what do they independently value, what platforms will you be on, how will you distribute the budget, have you acquired the social proof, have you set up retargeting and in what way, etc.

👉 Content Marketing – different than conversion copywriting, having a content strategy in place can add a lot of expertise, authority, and trust that will help move the buyer further down your funnel.

👉 Email Marketing – have you considered the capture and nurture flow? What’s the messaging, offer, cadence, etc. Do you have the people, process, and technology in place to maximize CTR, responses, and follow up?

👉 Social Media Marketing – buyers often browse social platforms to get a better sense of your product and how it is being received in the marketplace. Are you perceived to be a legit company who posts on social regularly, do you have thought leaders in your org, what’s the quality of the content that will help a customer develop an affinity to your brand, etc.

The list goes on and on with branding, pricing strategy, offer, targeting, growth hacking, product marketing

So while it’s great you’re the best paid ads specialist in the world, if you are not stepping back and looking from a 30,000 foot view, you’re not going to be the most effective.

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