Marketers, Learn to Master the Art of Sales

Marketers, Learn to Master the Art of Sales

The best marketers are those who have mastered the art of sales.

Learn how to sell!

What does a typical sales process look like?

👉 1. Build rapport

Remember this equation trust + time = rapport.

👉 2. Qualify the buyer

Ensure you are speaking to those who are in a position to buy what you’re selling.

👉 3. Present your unique value proposition

Learn how to present your offer to create desire / demand.

👉 4. Overcome objections

You have to know what objections your buyer has and know how to handle those.

👉 5. Close

There’s an art to closing a sale, which has a lot to do with a feeling process – knowing what are your buyer’s psychological push buttons and when to push them vs when to be silent, asking for the sale, reaffirming the decision, speaking as if the sale has already happened…

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