Marketing is Not Easy!

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In its simplest definition, marketing is about doing the right activities consistently, over time.

So, if your marketing isn’t working, perhaps:

  1. You’re doing the wrong kinds of activities
  2. You aren’t consistent enough
  3. Not enough time has past

Take a movie, for example.

If it were easy to get people to see a movie, you wouldn’t need the best screenwriters, famous movie stars, they wouldn’t need to do the circuits on all the talk shows, you wouldn’t need the trailers, the billboard ads, the partnerships, the soundtrack by famous artists, the bus stop ads…

But they do.

Studios spend 20-40 million dollars just on advertising, and sometimes a 100 million just for a chance to make something worthy of your time that you’d actually want to see.

Now, most of us are not working with 40 million dollar budgets, or famous movie stars, and can’t afford giant billboard ads in Times Square.

At times, it may seem like our efforts are doing very little to move the needle.

But your podcast, your blog, your new webpage, the webinar, your email campaigns, your newsletters… these will work, but perhaps they just haven’t worked yet.

It may mean is that your budget is too small, your team is too lean, you haven’t been doing it consistently enough, for a long enough period of time.

Keep at it, stay the course, and remember, you’re playing the long game.

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