Need Content Ideas? Try These Websites

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Want to create content for your business, but don’t know what content to create? Try these websites to generate countless ideas that your audience is searching for. 1.      Answer the public 2.      Glimpse (better version of Google Trends) 3.      Topic Mojo 4.      Answer Socrates 5.      Deap Market Many of these are free and will give you more than enough ideas to keep you busy.

1. Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a keyword research tool that generates insights into what people are searching for online. It collects and visualizes search engine autocomplete data to provide a visual representation of the most common questions and phrases related to a particular keyword or topic.

The tool organizes these insights into categories such as questions (what, why, how, etc.), prepositions (like, for, with, etc.), comparisons (versus, or, etc.), and more. This breakdown helps content creators, marketers, and SEO professionals understand the types of queries people are entering into search engines, allowing them to create content that addresses these specific queries or interests.

By using Answer the Public, individuals and businesses can gain valuable insights into their target audience’s interests, concerns, and the kind of information they are seeking, which can inform content strategies and help tailor content to better meet users’ needs.

Answer the public

2. Glimpse

Glimpse is considered by some to be a  is a better version of Google Trends. Their website describes it as a global, AI-powered self-service research platform that focuses on language, emotion & sentiment, sorted and analyzed in real time and over time, providing actionable insights and content for marketers, communicators, and creators.

Glimpse content research tool

How it works (excerpt from their website):

1. Ask any question
Glimpse specializes in language and sentiment at scale, with open and close-ended question types and all the survey functionality you need — including the ability to include images or videos.

Survey design functionality displayed on a tablet

2. Find any audience
Reach any audience within our global network of 250m+ people OR your own customer, employee, or client audience.

Survey distribution functionality displayed on a tablet.

3. Generate hundreds of responses in hours
Respondent experience similar to a text chat: mobile-first, user-friendly. Maintaining engagement from start to finish and using emojis to help deliver dependable sentiment data.

You can also upload your own data!

Response data depicting a bar chart on a tablet device.

4. Interactive dashboard for topic and sentiment analysis
Discover awareness, emotion, and sentiment. With demographic, firmographic and behavioral attributes for each respondent. Cross-tab functionality and easy PPT exports.

Spider chart functionality displaying emotion results on a tablet.

5. Leverage generative AI to craft real-time insights
Industry-leading generative AI integrations create key messaging, draft blog posts, automatically categorize and code responses, and much more.

3. Topic Mojo

TopicMojo describes themselves as a Topic/Question Research Tool – Search Listener. It analyzes Google and discovers every useful phrases or questions that people are asking around your keyword. It’s the perfect tool for marketers looking to create fresh, informative content that their customers will gobble up!

Topic Mojo - a Topic/Question Research Tool - Search Listener

4. Answer Socrates

Discover the questions people are asking on Google about almost any topic, for free.

It’s a tool for generating content ideas and outlines based on questions related to a particular topic.

The platform utilized a question-and-answer format, where users could input a keyword or topic, and the tool would generate various questions related to that topic. These questions were intended to serve as prompts or inspiration for creating content that addressed common queries and interests of audiences in that niche.

The idea behind AnswerSocrates was to help content creators, bloggers, marketers, and others brainstorm topics and structure their content around the questions that people commonly ask online. By addressing these questions in their content, users aimed to provide valuable information and solutions to their audience’s queries, potentially improving the relevance and usefulness of their content.

Answer Socrates

5. Deap Market

Get structured search insights, directly from your customers. Deap market lets you find what people are searching for, based on your given keywords.

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