Why Posting on Your LinkedIn Company Page is Less Effective​

There’s a saying I love – “Never ask a barber if you need a haircut.”

Marketers who specialize in one thing will always try to convince you that you need the thing they are selling.

I don’t care about any one thing, I only care about what works.

For some, that’s SEO and content marketing, for others, it’s events and partnerships, and others it’s paid ads and conversion rate optimization.

This is why I love talking strategy with business owners.

Many business owners I’ve talked to become overwhelmed by all the marketing activities they could be doing.

What To Do Instead

Instead of doing a million half-baked activities, I would focus on doing 1 or 2 things really well, run meaningful experimentation, and then perform regular KSS reviews:

👉 What do we want to keep doing?

👉 What do we want to stop doing?

👉 What do we want to start doing?

There is usually never a clear path to victory, it requires a lot of experimentation, with high-quality strategy and execution, over time.

That’s the formula for success.

Need help with your marketing activities?

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