Normal Training Gets You Normal Results

"Normal training gets your normal results." - David Goggins
(Determined: Image by David Watson and Midjourney)
“Normal training gets you normal results.” – David Goggins One thing that ‘experience’ doesn’t account for is what you did during that time. One person’s 5 years of experience may look very different than another person’s. 👉 How many hours did they put in? 👉 How many projects did they run? 👉 How many teams did they lead? 👉 How much budget did they oversee? 👉 How many difficult problems did they overcome? 👉 How much practice did they have? 👉 How much research did they do? 👉 How many experiments did they run? 👉 How many times did they fail? 👉 How many times did they succeed? 👉 How many extra miles did they go? Some people can sluggishly yawn their way from 9:00 – 5:00 p.m., take extra long lunches, waiting to punch out to be home with their family (There’s nothing wrong with that – to each their own). That can go on for 5 years. Another person, however, can treat their career growth like Kobe Bryant treated basketball. So while experience is great, just looking at the number of years on a resume or profile doesn’t tell you much.

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