Search Ads vs Display Ads: What's the Difference?

Search Ads vs Display Ads: What's the Difference?

Search ads consistently have a lot higher CTR than Display ads.

So why not funnel all your ad spend into Search?

There are a few reasons why Display is still powerful.

  1. Your product / service has low search volume
  2. Your target keywords are too expensive
  3. The visual nature of your product is a huge selling feature
  4. Your product / service performs well as an impulse buy
  5. You want to expand your TAM – create demand vs capture demand
  6. You want to stay top of mind through retargeting


There may be others, but this list is good for now.

What is the Difference Between Search Ads and Display Ads?

The differences can be broken down like this:

👉 Search

– Target keywords

– Ads show on SERPs to capture high-intent buyers

– Best for leads and conversions

👉 Display

– Target audiences, topics, pages

– Ads show on relevant websites

– Best for brand awareness and indirect influence, strengthening overall campaign performance

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