Small Fish in a Big Pond? How Small Teams Can Compete and Win Market Share

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If you run a small company in a category dominated by big players, you’re at a huge disadvantage.

❌ You don’t have the same person power / talent

❌ You don’t have the same budget

❌ You don’t have the same brand recognition, loyalty, trust…

… the list goes on.

So how do you compete for market share?

✅ Content (podcasts, video, social posts / engagement, blogs, webinars…)

A shift needs to happen with your SME.

They are not just developers, or security experts, or CEOs… they must also be content creators.

If you have <30 person company, a large majority should be contributing to the creation, amplification, and distribution of content, consistently.

Your marketing leader / team can set this up with ideation, scheduling, content calendars, editing, formatting, finding relevant hashtags, adding graphics…

Make it easier for your SMEs to make content.

This is a team effort and everyone needs to chip in if you want to stand a chance in a crowded marketplace.

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