How to Spy On Your Competitors | Part 1

How to Spy on your competitors

There are many ways to spy on your competitors.

One thing I like to do is go to the market leaders in the category and see what kind of ads they are running. What are their creatives, their messaging, their CTAs, etc.

A good place to start is on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, just go to the company page, click on Posts, then Ads.

This will give you an idea of what types of ads they’re running.

You can also go into programs such as SpyFu and see what keywords they’re bidding on, how much they are spending, what ad platforms they are on, etc.

Spying on your competitors can give you great insight about messaging and positioning, especially when looking at market leaders in your category.

This is quite a broad topic so stay tuned for more tips on how to spy on your competitors.

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