Startup Marketing Dilemma: The Cost-Patience Paradox


Two constants in marketing are:

👉 Marketing requires patience

👉 Marketing is expensive

These two facts are at odds with each other, especially in start-up environments where there is often not enough runway to wait around for the marketing to take flight.

So what do you do?

It’s situation specific, but often the first few years of a start-up is comprised of a lot of sacrifice, tapping into your network, add in a little luck and timing for good measure, and stick with channels that you can execute reasonably well and that offer a disproportionate upside.

Here are some examples:

🔺 Social media

🔺 Podcasting

🔺 Content marketing

🔺 Brand building

🔺 Product marketing


🔺 Affiliates

🔺 Referral programs


🔺 Networking

🔺 Freemium

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