Stop Wasting Your Money on Broad Match Keywords in Google Ads

Stop wasting your money on Broad Match keywords in Google Ads.

If you’re running Broad Match keywords, go to Keywords > Search Terms. This will show all the keywords Google is running your ads against.

Look at the heaps of hot garbage that Google is shoveling in front of people, and look at all the money those clicks are costing you!

Turn them off!

Google Ads Broad Match

What is the Difference Between Google Ad Match Types?

For those unaware, there are three types of keyword types in Google Ads:

👉 Broad Match – some key term that is tangentially related. For example, suppose you’re selling wholesale coffee beans, Google will show people looking for energy supplements. Sure, both are kind of related, but barely. Not your ideal customer.

👉 Phrase Match – stylized like in quotation marks (e.g. “coffee”) – this will show your ads to people who search for coffee shops near me. It’s a little close, but still not your target customer.

👉 Exact Match – stylized in parentheses (e.g. [coffee beans]) – this will show your ads to people who search for this exact thing / or the exact substitute of that thing. For example coffee berry or coffee seed = coffee bean.

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