The Fundamental Question in Growth Hacking

The Fundamental Question in Growth Hacking​

How do we deliver that ‘aha!’ moment?

This is the fundamental question us growth hackers ask ourselves.

No amount of marketing can save a bad product. That’s why it’s super important to get your product to deliver on its promise.

For mobile apps and SaaS products, we use data (cohort analysis, engagement metrics, referrals, etc.), to run experiments.

Ultimately, we’re looking to refine and optimize the product to make it more “sticky”. This is key.

We look at engagement metrics such as DAU, WAU, MAU, time on platform, login frequency, churn rates, etc. and determine the following indicators:

✅ Are your customers loving your product (login in frequency, time on app, content creation, feature usage, etc.)?

✅ Do they spend a lot of time on it (and often)?

✅ Are they encouraging their friends or colleagues to join?


❌ Are they abandoning it shortly after signup?

❌ Are they not completing their profile, not using certain features, cancelling their subscription…

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