The Future of Work

the future of work

As a science-fiction author, I spend a lot of time researching, thinking, and writing about the future.

Here are some of the things I came up with:

👉 In two of my books, I have an advanced AI running every function of society. I think this is inevitable. Of course, there are ethical concerns with this (i.e. the famous philosophical trolley problem, profiling, screening, harsh justifications, and so on) so it won’t be without checks and balances.

👉 In another book, I write about future content influencers will be those who have the most entertaining dreams. I believe one day it will be possible to upload your brainwaves from your dream state into an AI and convert that data into hyper-realistic video where you could upload it and allow others to watch it.

👉 In another book, I write about people’s waking lives being for their leisure, and at night is where they make their money through harnessing the power of their creative and intellectual capacity as they are plugged into a machine that puts their brain to work. What could possibly go wrong!

👉 In yet another book, I talk about the ability to completely change your DNA to alter your appearance, enhance your intelligence, cure disease, fight off aging…

A good way to look into the future is to look at what new tech startups are working on. Some of the stuff seems like it’s out of a science-fiction novel.

What are some mind-blowing tech you believe we’ll see within our lifetime?

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