The Marketing Industry is Full of Parrots and Bandwagoners


The marketing industry is full of parrots and bandwagoners.

So often I see posts by marketers who say the exact same thing I read or saw by some other marketer.

I assume they saw the same original post I did, needed a post of their own, so they just parrot back the exact same message without ever testing it for themselves.

Case in point.

If you Google “What is brand storytelling” or listen to a podcast where someone is talking about brand storytelling, you will most likely come across someone saying:

“In brand storytelling, your brand is not the hero – your customer is the hero. You are the Mr. Miyagi helping the hero overcome some challenge (aka their villain).”

It sounds nice – it has hero, villain, helper. Those are elements of storytelling. It makes sense, it’s easy to remember. So they repeat it.

But they can’t show me one example of this in practice.

The amount of times I’ve heard this same exact speech repeated is a lot.

Here’s what actual brand storytelling looks like:


It has a beginning, middle, and end. It has build up, climax, twists and turns, a satisfying conclusion. It draws us in, it makes us understand, or care, or feel some kind of emotion.

Well done Mid-Day Squares! šŸŽ–

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