The Tale of Two Pyramid Builders: A Lesson in Business (work smarter, not harder)

The tale of two pyramid builders | business lessons | work smarter, not harder

Have you heard the tale of the two pyramid builders?

A pharaoh tasked two builders to construct separate pyramids.

One builder got started right away, chiseling the stones and moving them into place.

He had spent his entire life working hard, and was only about halfway done when he died – broken and penniless.

At the time the first builder was halfway done, the second builder had yet to lay a single stone.

Instead, he had spent his time developing technology that would shape and move the stones in a fraction of the time.

He was working smarter, not harder.

By the time he finally got started, the technology he had developed enabled him to construct his pyramid in a fraction of the time.

He received a large payment for his completed work and spent the rest of his life relaxing and living lavishly from the small fortune he had earned.

This is how people (especially young people) should think about their lives.

Chase skills, not money.

Spend 20 years in the workforce learning what you need to know and building your network. Then spend the next few years building your empire.

Work smarter, not harder and retire wealthy.

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