The Truth About Going Viral on Social Media

Mr. Beast Thumbnail Island

There are two ways people consume – whether content on Netflix or YouTube, or going to the grocery store.

👉 Search and find

👉 Browse and discover

Often people don’t know what they are looking for, but know it when they see it.

This is why social media for businesses, or getting on store shelves, is so powerful for brands that don’t have a lot of brand awareness or a large marketing budget.

Social media levels the playing field.

We are all one post away from virality and having 30+ million people seeing our thing or learning about our product or solution.


Doing well on social media is not easy to pull off for most brands (especially B2B).

Most brands focus more on themselves (selling / promoting / educating) and less time offering value (entertaining / inspiring / listening).

Four things to keep in mind on social:

  • What goes viral is completely unpredictable and often not repeatable (and not what you should strive for)
  • Focus on adding value, not extracting value
  • Be consistent – the more you are on a platform – posting, engaging, seeing the trends… the better you will become at it. Thumbnails, editing style, sound quality, captions… there are lots of ways to get better at social media
  • Just because something didn’t pop, it doesn’t mean the content is bad. Repost, repurpose, and reuse. Mr. Beast often changes out his thumbnails multiple times per video (even when the video is doing well).

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