Try this Social Media Exercise with Your Marketing Team

Social Media Marketing Exercise

Social media marketing is such a critical part of a brand’s growth, and yet so difficult to actually pull off well.

If your content doesn’t entertain or educate, and mostly promotes, then it’s not content, it’s an ad.

That type of content doesn’t offer value to anyone, which is why it doesn’t get likes, comments, saves, and shares.

Many people in marketing are creative, have good ideas, have knowledge about social media, etc. and yet too often companies leave everything up to one person.

👉 Try this instead

Once a month, have a content strategy meeting with your entire marketing team (at least 3-5 people).

The assignment is to show up to this meeting prepared. Each person will find 5 examples of social content (i.e. video) that did really well, and one by one, present it to the group.

As a group, watch the video, discuss why it did well, and then brainstorm ideas that may be similar or inspired by that video that your brand can pull off.

Capture the best ideas.

At the end of this session, you should have more than enough content to carry you over until your next meeting.

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