User Feedback - Questions You Should be Asking your Customers

User Feedback - Questions You Should be Asking your Customers

Customer feedback is essential, otherwise you’re just guessing. Talking to prospective clients can help you better understand their motivations and what drives purchasing decisions. Speaking with actual customers can reveal what they love about your product and what they wish it had more of. Talking to past clients can tell you a lot about what didn’t work or things you need to fix.

Here are some customer questions you can ask to help you start to think about making more user-centric products and services.

  1. Reasons for Leaving:
    • What were the primary reasons that led to your decision to stop using our product/service?
    • Were there specific issues or challenges that played a significant role in your decision to churn?
  2. User Experience:
    • How would you describe your overall experience with our product/service?
    • Were there any usability issues or challenges you faced while using our platform?
  3. Features and Functionality:
    • Were there specific features or functionalities that you found lacking or unsatisfactory?
    • Were there features that you expected but did not find in our product/service?
  4. Customer Support:
    • How would you rate the level of customer support you received while using our product/service?
    • Were there any instances where you felt our customer support could have been more helpful?
  5. Competitor Comparison:
    • Did you switch to a competitor’s product/service, and if so, what factors influenced that decision?
    • How does our product/service compare to others you’ve used or considered?
  6. Value Perception:
    • Did you feel that you were getting enough value for the price you paid for our product/service?
    • Were there any specific areas where you felt the value was lacking?
  7. Communication and Updates:
    • How satisfied were you with the communication and updates you received from us?
    • Were you aware of new features or improvements we introduced during your subscription?
  8. Improvement Suggestions:
    • What improvements or changes would have encouraged you to continue using our product/service?
    • Is there anything we could have done differently to better meet your needs?
  9. Future Consideration:
    • Under what circumstances would you consider coming back as a customer in the future?
    • Are there specific changes or developments that would make you reconsider using our product/service?
  10. General Feedback:
    • Is there any additional feedback or comments you would like to share about your experience with us?
    • What aspects of our product/service did you find most and least satisfying?

These questions should help you gather valuable insights into the reasons behind customer churn and identify areas for improvement in your product or service. It’s essential to approach these conversations with a genuine interest in understanding their perspective and a willingness to use the feedback to enhance your offering.

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