Using AI in Marketing: A Use Case

Using AI for Marketing

AI is revolutionizing marketing. One of the ways I’ve tried using it is through short form video content such as the example I posted recently on LinkedIn. This is especially true for SMEs or thought leaders at your company who tend to have busy schedules. Now, you no longer need the perfect lighting and setting, for them to be comfortable onscreen, taking time away from their regular duties to film, etc. You can use their audio, or someone else’s, combined with some animated graphic, and you have a piece of content.

You can also use this to create branded videos, storytelling content, demos, etc.

You could create a catchy song about your product, have Elvis sing it, and create a music video, all using AI.

Or you could create an animated short film – a hero’s journey if you will.

This is only the beginning. The sky is the limit in terms of creativity.

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