Why Are You Not on TikTok Live Yet?

TikTok Live Marketing

Right now, there’s someone in your company who is an absolute beast speaking on camera.

Maybe it’s the CEO, the Product Manager, the Sales Lead, or the junior marketing specialist…

Put that person on TikTok live and watch what happens.

TikTok will notify all your followers (you should be on TikTok with followers) AND it also notifies non-followers. IG doesn’t do this.

This means that the longer you stay on TikTok live, the more people show up and ask questions.

Talk about your industry (don’t sell), talk about trends, tell a story, answer questions, be likeable and charming…

This works for B2B, B2C, D2C by the way

Afterward, TikTok is going to show you all the parts of the live where you got the most engagement.

This tells you which parts were the most effective.

You then chop those parts of the video into short social posts (or redo then) and post on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn, run paid ads, etc.

….Or you could continue writing blogs that no one reads.

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