Why is Brand So Important?​

Why is Brand So Important

Gary Vaynerchuk is bullish on the importance of brand.

If you think about it – isn’t it odd that consumers willingly buy clothing (and other items) with corporate logos on them?

Consumers spend their hard-earned money (often a lot of money) to be walking advertisements for a brand, why?

Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t brands be paying us to advertise for them?

Also, why do we choose the brands we choose?

The reason is simple – brand is all about aligning our values.

David Allison and his team are leading the charge in this area. He says that every consumer choice we make can be traced back to our values.

👉 Why Nike and not Converse?

👉 Why The Coca-Cola Company and not PepsiCo?

👉 Why Mercedes-Benz AG and not BMW Group?

The answer is simple…


The brands we choose align with our values and act as a shorthand, sending a signal to the world about our personal identity.

They say – I’m rich, I’m trendy, I’m vegan, I’m an environmentalist, I’m young at heart, I’m into this kind of music…

This is much more the case with some industries and categories than others. It’s hugely important for footwear, but far less important for B2B SaaS tools.

Seth Godin talks about this as well.

He says most people are brand agnostic when it comes to hotels – all hotels within a similar range offer nearly identical experiences. Therefore, consumers often just choose the cheapest one.

If brand building is important to your industry, and you haven’t clearly defined what your brand stands for, then I’d recommend spending a lot of time thinking about your brand positioning and messaging.

When someone posts a photo with your brand, what message does that send to the world? You should have a clear answer for this.

Otherwise, all you have is a colour and a logo, which means nothing to nobody.

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