Why Targeting Low-Intent Keywords is Great For SEO

how to approach SEO in 2023

Your blog doesn’t need to be transactional.

Some people believe their blog is a means to attract and convert buyers.

This almost never happens, especially in B2B.

We need to understand high-intent vs low-intent keywords, and I would argue that low-intent keywords are highly valuable.

Consider this B2C example.

Using a high-intent keyword / keyphrase, we might want to create content such as: “The best air conditioners under $1,000.”

Presumably, the only people searching for this are people who are in the market for an air conditioner under a $1,000. They have their credit card in hand and are further along in the buyers’ journey.

A low intent keyword would be something like: “how does an air conditioner work”.

Presumably, the people searching for this have a lower buying intent.

Here’s why you should target both.

There may be a lot more search traffic for low intent keywords. We’ve all heard the saying, ‘the rising tide that floats all boats’ – that’s what low-intent keywords can do for your site.

You need traffic from low-intent keywords to boost your site’s domain authority so that when someone searches for a high-intent keyword, your site outranks your competition.

Additionally, in a B2B setting, low-intent content can have a lot of value beyond attracting visitors through search. Thought-leadership articles, case studies, white papers, infosheets, infographics, etc. These all have value. Either at the consideration stage once a visitor has arrived on your site, or through paid promotion.

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