Why There's Often A Lag with B2B Ads

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With B2B ads, there’s often a 3-6 month lag – which doesn’t usually exist with B2C ads.

B2C has shorter sales cycles, fewer decision makers, less consideration, often lower price points, much more susceptible to impulse buys, etc.

B2B has longer sales cycles, often many decision makers (with different interests and values), much more consideration, often higher price points, rarely susceptible to impulse buys, etc.

So when you run paid ads to B2B, it’s much more complex. As a result of this complexity, you can expect the ads you run today to not yield immediate results.

Don’t panic. Don’t get discouraged. This is normal.

You can look for leading indicators such as CTR, website traffic (e.g. product and pricing pages), video views… but you may not be booking calls, demo requests, or free trials immediately.

In all likelihood, your buying committee is sitting around a boardroom discussing your solution. They are in the “consideration” stage.

3-6 months after they entered your funnel, they move further into other stages.

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