5-step Local SEO Strategy to Improve your Visibility in Search​

Local SEO Strategy

What is Local SEO

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of using targeted keywords, relevant images and copy, and more to surface your business to customers who are in-market in your local area. This is great for local service-based businesses such as restaurants, realtors, salons and barber shops, car washes, handy-persons, etc.

Why Use Local SEO?

There are two types of customers:

  • Those who are ‘in-market’ and are actively searching for a solution (demand capture)
  • Those who are not actively searching, but can be converted into a customer upon the right trigger (demand gen)

Local SEO is critical to capturing demand among those who are far along the buyer journey and ready to make a purchase. This is low-hanging fruit. 

If you are not capturing this demand, your competitors will, and over time, they will get bigger, and you will get smaller.

5 steps to optimizing your local SEO

If you have a brick & mortar business, use this 5-step local SEO tactic to improve your visibility in search.

1. Add keyword in Hero H1 (doesn’t need to be in the title). E.g. “Car Wash Services in Vancouver, BC.”

2. Add 1,000+ words of content about your products / services on your home page

3. Using GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension, open Google My Business > Basic Audit

4. Copy and Paste Latitude and Longitude into GeoImgr Pro to geotag the images > Download image

5. Create GMB (Google My Business) posts targeting SEO keywords and geotagged image and relevant content about your product or service

Local SEO Strategy to Improve your Visibility in Search​
Local SEO Strategy

If you need help gaining visibility for your local brick and mortar business, connect with us today. Our local SEO experts can optimize your Google My Business profile, which allows your business to show up in text-based and Map searches.