Don't Use Demographics, Use Valuegraphics Instead

Don't Use Demographics, Use Valuegraphics Instead

For too long, marketers look to demographics to understand their consumers.

However, this approach is flawed and perpetuates stereotypes.

Limitations of demographics | valuegraphics

So you found out that 82% of your followers are women…

What are you going to do with that information? Make everything pink?

This demographic factoid tells you nothing about what type of product or content you should be making, or how to effectively position your brand to consumers.

Often marketing teams use demographic information to draw stereotypical conclusions about a group of people.

It’s complete guesswork, fatally flawed, and utterly useless.

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👉 Do this instead…


  1. Categorize your consumer segments by what they value…. i.e. family, personal growth, belonging, status, environmentalism… There are 56 core values.
  2. Then develop products, use materials, craft stories, design packaging, create content… that better align with your customers’ core values.

This will have a much larger impact at influencing outcomes than using demographic and psychographic data.


  • Demographics describe what people are (i.e. age, gender, location…)
  • Psychographics record what people did
  • Valuegraphics understand who people are and what they want

Demographics and psychographics are looking in the rearview mirror and are fleeting (people come in and out of these buckets all the time).

Valuegraphics is stable and looks ahead.

It more accurately predicts what a group of people will do, which is a much more powerful data to use.

How do we know what our consumers value?

👉 Check out the groundbreaking work from Behavioural Scientist and Founder of The Valuegraphics Research CompanyDavid Allison.

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