How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts​

How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts

If you’re creating YouTube Shorts, here’s a strategy that has worked really well for me.

👉 Reposting

This is actually part of the Three Rs, which I’ve talked about before (repurpose, remix, repost).

To give you an example.

💠 Posted a video yesterday (did 41 views in 24 hours)
💠 Deleted video this morning
💠 Reposted exact same video (didn’t change a single thing)

In one hour, the video already has 161 views!

Same video, same content, different day, different audience = different results.

This works for TikTok as well. You don’t necessarily need to continue creating content. Recycle / upcycle existing content.

For the videos that do really well – double down on them. Run ads on them, make other content around that topic, follow that format for other topics to try to replicate the success.

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