The 3 Rs of Content


When creating content, remember the 3 Rs:

  • Repost
  • Remix
  • Repurpose

Creating content that your audience wants to consume is difficult. From planning, ideation, filming, editing, posting… It’s time consuming and there’s no way of knowing what will resonate.

So, the ROE – Return on Effort, or Energy – can be low.

However, there’s a way to reduce your effort while stacking the odds in your favour.


Reposting the same content on a different day, different time, different audience may = different result.

Maybe the day you posted wasn’t your day. Maybe the targeting was wrong. Maybe you were competing with a trending story. It doesn’t mean the content wasn’t right, but rather some other circumstance caused it to underperform.

Don’t fret. It can live to see another day. By reposting, you don’t run the risk of fatiguing your audience because 90% of your audience likely didn’t even see it in the first place.


Remixing the content can remove 90% of the heavy lifting. You can edit an existing piece of content (i.e. a video) differently, rescript and re-record the audio, add different visuals, switch up the intro, change the music, use a different cover image, different title and hashtags, etc.

Spend a lot of time on the opening hook. This means the first 3 seconds of the video, the title, the thumbnail, the opening line or paragraph… 

You need something to switch up or disrupt the rhythm. You can use a shocking statement, a jump cut, change in audio… This often tricks the brain into thinking something exciting is happening, and the viewer feels compelled to stick around to find out what it is.

If you look at the analytics and your video doesn’t receive high watch-through, try a new hook and repost it.


Repurposing high-performing organic content as ads can be highly effective since it has already proven to resonate. 

Try it out.

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