What is Rage-Baiting, and Should Brands Do It?

What is rage-baiting, and should brands do it?

Have you heard of rage-baiting?

I’m seeing a lot more of it on social – it’s a bit of a black-hat tactic.

👉 People deliberately mispronouncing words

👉 People stating some obviously incorrect fact

👉 Placing something in the video, but not addressing it

👉 Having a polarizing point of view

👉 Painting something, but missing a spot

These tactics can be very triggering for people and thus inciting rage in the comments. Others will usually take an opposing view and have a back-and-forth discussion in the comments.

It’s all designed to increase engagement, which sends strong signals to the all-mighty algo.

Is it worth doing for brands, or should they stay away?

Curious to know your thoughts.

What is rage baiting?

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