Why Do a Lot of Social Media Agencies Suck at Social Media?

Source: from a website that would likely prefer to go unnamed.

I debated on whether or not to make this post, cause I don’t like to be rude or negative.

But, I decided that in the interest of education, this could help some people.

Why is it whenever I visit social media agency websites, the vast majority of them suck at social media?

Look at the examples (see above photo collage) this one company puts on their website – these are terrible and would not do well in terms of engagement.

It’s clear from these examples, presumably their best work that they are proud of, that they don’t understand social media.

And if that is true for them, it’s probably true for a lot of other brands out there who think social media is another sales channel.

It’s not.

Your social media guide should include the following rules:

👉 No ads
👉 No stock photography
👉 No A.I.
👉 Must be on-brand
👉 Nothing that looks like it was made in Canva
👉 No overly staged or produced photos
👉 Must be contextually relevant to the platform

You should not outsource your social media to a graphic design firm either, unless they understand social media.

Social media is one of the most challenging forms of marketing. It requires a lot of time on the platforms to understand the trends, nuances, and context.

It also requires a high level of creativity and executional ability.

The target is constantly moving.

The competition is fierce.

You are not going to hashtag, or description, or time-of-day your way into people’s feeds and magically get engagement.

You have to make interesting content, that is contextually relevant to the platform, consistently, over time… there are no shortcuts.

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